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Flimpoman A.K.A Ngabo Alex

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Personal Headline:
The way you treat others, will become the way life treats

About Me:
Apostle A. Ngabo (Flimpoman)

Flimpoman A.K.A Ngabo is a reggae music artist, music composer, the founder of organizations like; Conscious lifestyle, The voice of Tensta, Reggae United WW,, All for One and One for All Network.

He is also a motivator who speaks on different events & an entrepreneur of this generation...A teacher of Leaders, and a (BPD)--Blue print designer of franchises, organizations, businesses etc.

Visionary school of leadership training:

Through the work of community & society building - Ap Flimpoman Ngabo is also a founder of a school academy known as "The Visionary school of leaders" which specializes in the art of cultivating the skills of entrepreneurship, innovation, culture management, leadership training, multi media maker space , Branding, Entertainment, a wakening & teaching of the human consciousness etc...

Our members

Flimpoman A.K.A Ngabo Alex

Flimpoman Ngabo is the head master of the Visionary school of vision builders. Courses he teaches: * Discovering and activating of the spiritual and conscious identity. * Business management, risk management, relation management, etc. Find out more

Mr Mo A.K.A Moses

Moses Ngabo is also known as Mr Mo is the co, manager of Flimpoman Ngabo. He is one of the the coaches and teachers for the Visionary school of vision builders. Subjects he teaches: * Music recording * Marketing * Soft Management * Equipping the skills of management, social media management, Moral team management etc Find out more

Jeanette Ngabo

She is the administrator, managing director and supervisor who manages Flimpoman Ngabo's department or office that deals with motivational Speaking and Conscious School of entrepreneur & leadership training... Find out more

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