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Posted by: 01-17-2016 08:50AM
Title: School for Vision builders (Visionary school) syllabus
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Visionary School (School for Vision builders): 

The School will help you to bring the unique vision of your desires and dreams into a physical reality. 

Develop your skills, maximize your potential, discover your inner hidden talents, brand your image, talents or profile, put the puzzles of your dream together and make your positive dreams a reality. 

The school specializes in:

* Community building,, find out more...

The courses that school offers:

* Courses and Coaching,, Find out more...

* Artistes in the Entertainment industry sharpening their skills,,, Find out more....

Syllabus dealing with Consciousness & spirituality:

In this level of the school syllabus, we offer our members an opportunity to understand the spiritual and subconscious realm...Find out more...

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