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Posted by: 01-17-2016 05:53AM
Title: Brand designing
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Brand designing:

Branding designing involves: 

The first step is that; The individual must be a member in our Conscious lifestyle community website .

The second step is that; Through the account that one has created in our community site, the account will be used for creating a profile website (a website which will display one's unique brand, vision or image of what he or she is trying to express to his audience).

Together with the help of our team, the profile website of an individual will bring out the inner thoughts, opinions, ideas of the person's dream, vision or desire, and transform them into a physical reality which is readable, understandable, illustratable and consumable.

Coaching for the profile website includes:

* Icon designing: learning how to express one's ideas  or vision via articles, blog, videos, internet radio, social media, etc.

Practical activity; We shall also use our different platforms of social media, radio, podcasts, videos & community website to train one skills of social media communication, expression, and to gradually bring someone's brand into an exposed status of advertising.  

* Learning the strategies of maximizing one's ability of communication (through internet, media, social interactions, relationships etc), so that all these fields and attributes may benefit one's unique talents, vision or business in a positive way.

* Cultivate habits that profits your brand: Things you need to think about and the new habits you need to focus on for the sake perfecting your unique brand.

* Being part of our adult & community education which works towards cultural social development in our community.

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