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Posted by: 11-18-2016 12:39PM
Title: Visionary school - Conscious lifestyle
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In this level of the school syllabus:

We offer our members an opportunity to understand the spiritual and subconscious realm, how it works and to also be able to govern their life in a way that benefits from the spiritual environment which exists in the earthly realm.

Skills & achievements that are developed:

Teaching, training and cultivating a conscious lifestyle, which enables the members to sustainably maintain a positive attitude in life.

* Overcoming and maintaining stress.

* Overcoming addictions & negative habits

* Learning how to understand, maintain and develop your own unique identity

* Overcoming the negative side effects of dementia & mental disorder.

* Developing talents into skills that generates business (services & productions)

* Learning the strategies that puts into force the law of attraction that attracts customers, clients etc

* Strengthening the skills that sustains a business

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